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Dimensions 4.4m x 12m including stairs (excluding prime mover)
Usage 16 shower cubicles (can be same sex or a mixture of 8 and 8)
Water Supply

3/4" tap supply


16 cubicles, 6 hand basins, soap dispensers, mirrors, lights, exhaust fan, external lights over stairs

Sewer Connection

Can be sewer connected. Connection point is at rear (3" flexible hose).

No onboard waste tank.

Power Supply 240v Mains
Power Requirements Lights & Exhaust fans - 15 amps




The Large Shower Trailers are pleasant to use, hygienic and are a hassle free mobile bathroom.  The facilities allow for a high level of foot traffic with its ergonomic interior.  We pride ourselves in keeping them updated and maintained to a high standard.


The facilities allows for 16 individual cubicles with lockable doors.  There is a large common/dressing area that contains seating, hand basins and mirrors.


The high capacity instantaneous gas units together with the large pump, ensures a constant water pressure no matter how many showers are operated.


Each of our facilities is capable of servicing over 1,000 patrons; however there must be sufficient water available either by mains or tanks.


As a rule of thumb, water capacity should be based on estimates of 7 litres per minute/per showerhead x 4 minute shower = 28 litres per usage.  Extra allowance for hand basin usage should also be allowed for.  When working at full capacity (16 showers), approximately 2 litres/second of water is being used.


All showers are drained into sewer or septic tank points.  If no sewer point is available, in some instances we can provide grey water holding tanks which require pumping out at the end of the event and before leaving the site.


Ideal for festivals, gatherings, campdrafts, sporting events, or any event that requires Male and/or Female Showers.


In our fleet we have six (6) x 16 cubicle shower trailers.